Corporate Governance

Board of directors

The company has opted for a “one tier” governance structure whereby the board of directors is the ultimate decision making body, with the overall responsibility for the management and control of the company.

Board committees

The board of directors has established two board committees: the audit committee and the remuneration and nomination committee. The terms of reference of these board committees are primarily set out in the corporate governance charter.

Executive management

The company’s executive management is composed of the chief executive officer and the other members of the executive management.


For further information on the company's corporate governance, please see the company's Articles of Association, the Corporate Governance Charter and the Dealing Code.


Articles of Association
21 November 2016

Corporate Governance Charter
1 September 2016

Dealing Code
1 September 2016

Special Reports
21 November 2016

Statutory Auditor

Deloitte Auditors
Berkenlaan 8b, 1831 Diegem
Represented by Gert Vanhees, Auditor 



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